The failure of Anyone Can Whistleis legendary. It closed after 9 performances. Madeline Botteriand Joel DeCandio, of The Sondheim Project, join Kyle in discussing how the first song of the show helps (and doesn’t help) set the stage for what’s to come. How is a show affected when the antagonist is the one who opens the show? Plus you’ll hear from Angela Lansburyand her less than happy time being in the show.

The Sondheim Projectis great!
Their website:

Angela Lansburytalking about Anyone Can Whistle:

The Murder, She Wrotetheme:

You can purchase Stephen Sondheim’s first book of lyrics, Finishing the Hat, by going here:

We are using two productions to frame our discussion of Anyone Can Whistle.
The original Broadway cast starring Angela Lansbury and Lee Remick (1962)
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The concert version starring Madeline Kahn and Bernadette Peters (1995)
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